PS Store: Novedades 02-06-11

A continuación os detallo todos los contenidos nuevos que han aparecido esta última semana en la PS Store.Ofertas de primavera para PS3(Los precios de las ofertas seguirán vigentes hasta el 8 de junio)PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX: por 4,99 € (antes 9,99 €)Worms 2: Armageddon: por 7,99 € (antes por 14,99 €)Worms 2: Armageddon Battle Pack: por 2,49 € (antes 3,99 €)Noby Noby Boy: por 2,49 (antes 3,99 €)Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao: por 4,99 € (antes 12,99 €)PowerUp Forever: por 2,99 € (antes 7,99 €)Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer: por 4,99 € (antes 7,99 €)Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype: por 6,49 € (antes por 12,99 €)Blade Kitten: por 4,99 € (antes por 8,99 €)Space Invaders: Infinity Gene: por 4,99 € (antes por 14,99 €)Ferrari: The Race Experience: por 6,99 € (antes por 14,99 €)Borderlands: por 19,99 € (antes por 29,99 €)Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part One: por 8,99 € (antes por 16,99 €)Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part Two: por 8,99 € (antes por 16,99 €)Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: por 6,49 € (antes por 12,99 €)Blue Toad Murder Files Episode One: ahora gratisBlue Toad Murder Files: Season Upgrade: por 8,99 € (antes por 11,25 €)Premier Manager: por 8,99 € (antes por 17,99 €)HamsterBall: por 4,99 € (antes por 9,99 €)Ricochet HD: por 3,99 € (antes por 6,29 €)Assassin’s Creed II: 21,99 € (antes 29,99 €)Voodoo Dice (versión para PS3): por 6,99 € (antes por 9,99 €)Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars: por 6,99 € (antes por 9,99 €)Scott Pilgrim vs.

The World: The Game + Knives Chau Add-on Bundle: por 9,99 €Y desde el 14 de abril teníamos disponible:God of War HD Collection: por 19,99 € (antes por 29,99 €)Ofertas de primavera para PSPPrince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: por 19,99 € (antes por 29,99 €)NBA 2K11: por 19,99 € (antes por 29,99 €)Worms: Battle Islands: por 9,99 € (antes por 19,99 €)Half Minute Hero: por 7,99 € (antes por 14,99 €)Michael Jackson: The Experience: por 21,99 € (antes por 29,99 €)God of War: Chains of Olympus: por 9,99 € (antes por 19,99 €)God of War Ghost of Sparta: por 16,99 € (antes por 24,99 €)ModNation Racers: por 14,99 € (antes por 26,99 €)Twisted Metal: Head On: por 9,99 € (antes por 19,99 €)LittleBigPlanet PSP: por 9,99 € (antes por 19,99 €)Fruit Salad: kit de nivelHeroes In Uniform: kit de nivelJungle Sackfari: kit de nivelKing Arthur: kit de nivelLurve: kit de nivelTema MetropolisMotorStorm® Hessian: kit de nivelRobin Hood Men In Sacks : kit de nivelSack Circus: kit de nivelThe Canyons Theme: kit de nivelThe Easter Theme: kit de nivelPack The Gardens ThemeThe Island Theme: kit de nivelPack de nivel The Sack that Time ForgotThe Savannah Theme: kit de nivelThe Temples Theme: kit de nivelThe Wedding Theme: kit de nivelThe Wilderness Theme: kit de nivelTurbo! Premium: kit de nivelUnidentified Sacking Objects: kit de nivelWild West: kit de nivelYuletide Sack: kit de nivel(Todos los kits de nivel de pago de LittleBigPlanet para PSP reducen ahora su precio de modo permanente a 0,99 €).Ofertas de primavera para PS3 y PSPPaper Wars: Cannon Fodder (mini): por 1,19€ (antes por 4,99€)Mad Blocker Alpha: ROTF (mini): por 1,19€ (antes por 4,99€)Edge (mini) : por 1,19€ (antes por 4,99€)Space Shooter for 2 Bucks (mini): por 1,19€ (antes por 1,99€)Angry Birds (mini): por 1,49€ (antes por 2,99€)Rayman (PSone): por 3,59€ (antes por 4,99€)Trial & Unlock (PS3)Hoard (9,99€)Outland (9,99€)Juegos completos (PS3)Armageddon Riders (9,99€)Under Siege (14,99€)Space Ace (9,99€)Streets Of Rage 2 (4,99€)Puzzle Agent (9,99€)EA SPORTS MMA (29,99€)Juegos completos (PSP)Gladiator Begins (29,99€)Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (29,99€)minis (PS3 y PSP)Buddy Dodge (2,99€)Drums Challenge (3,59€)Zombie Racers (3,99€)PSone Clásicos (PS3 y PSP)Final Fantasy VI (9,99€)Rageball (2,99€)Rascal Racers (3,59€)Parasite Eve 2 (6,99€)Demos (PS3)Virtua Tennis 4 – World Tour DemoThe Fight – Stressbuster DemoinFamous 2 DemoLEGO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN THE VIDEOGAME DemoNo More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise DemoRed Faction: Armageddon DemoDemos (PSP)HoardAdd-On Game Content (PS3)Blazblue Continuum Shift – ‘Platinum the Trinity’ playable character (5,99€)DIRT 3 – VIP Pass (7,99€)EyePet – Kung Fu Panda 2 Costume Pack (gratis)Dragon Age 2 (contiene el siguiente contenido también por separado)All-Class Item Pack (4,99€)Mage Item Pack (2,99€)Rogue Item Pack (2,99€)Warrior Item Pack (2,99€)Hyperdimension NeptuniaCompa Booster 2 (0,99€)Flower Hat (If) (0,99€)If Booster 2 (0,99€)Leafy Bow Hq 2 (Compa) (0,99€)Neptune Booster 2 (0,99€)Black Heart Booster 2 (0,99€)Glistening Memorial (gratis)Green Heart Booster 2 (0,99€)Leafy Bow Hq 2 (Neptune) (0,99€)Level Cap +200 (0,99€)Lost Employee (gratis)White Heart Booster 2 (0,99€)L.A.

NoireSlip Of The Tongue DLC Case (3,99€)Naked City DLC Case (3,99€)The Badge Pursuit Challenge & Button Man Detective Suit (1,99€)Chicago Piano (gratis)The Broderick DLC Outfit (0,99€)The Sharpshooter DLC Outfit (0,99€)LittleBigPlanet 2 -Cinco De Mayo’ Mariachi Costume (gratis)Marvel Pinball – Fantastic Four (2,49€)Marvel Vs Capcom 3Shadow Battle 04 (0,99€)Shadow Battle 05 (0,99€)Shadow Battle 06 (0,99€)ModNation RacersScore Attack Modes: Orbit and Rage! (0,99€)Chain Kill Mode: Bloodbath! (gratis)Moon DiverArctic Theme Pack (9,99€)Pixel Pixie Mod (9,99€)Motorstorm: Apocalypse (contiene los siguientes contenidos también por separado)Remix Pack (2,49€)Remix Racing Truck Custom Pack (0,99€)Remix Mudplugger Custom Pack (0,99€)Remix Musclecar Custom Pack (0,99€)Need for Speed: Shift 2 UnleashedLegends Pack (9,99€)Speedhunters (9,99€)Mx Vs Atv Alive – Motoclub Pro (7,99€)No More Heroes: Heroes’ ParadiseCross Saver + Moto Geek 1 (1,19€)Sweet Berry + Moto Geek 4 (1,19€)Sweet Berry (0,75€)Cross Saver (0,75€)Moto Geek 1 (0,75€)Moto Geek 4 (0,75€)Character Viewer (0,75€)Red Faction: Battlegrounds – Armageddon Pack (2,49€)Rock Band 2Anybody Else – Audible Mainframe (1,49€)Cimmerian Shamballa – Wretched (1,49€)Dawn Of A Million Souls (Rock Band Mix) – Ayreon (1,49€)Do Yourself A Favor – Comeback Kid (1,49€)Endzeit – Heaven Shall Burn (1,49€)Feast Or Famine – Within the Ruins (1,49€)If I’M James Dean, You’Re Audrey Hepburn – Sleeping with Sirens (1,49€)Learn To Live – Architects (1,49€)Lemon Meringue Tie – Dance Gavin Dance (1,49€)Model Ships – Rosaline (1,49€)N.A.T.G.O.D. – Daath (1,49€)Nightfall – Nachtmystium (1,49€)On Parole – Sister Sin (1,49€)Plague To End All Plagues – Evile (1,49€)Radioland – Audible Mainframe (1,49€)Snowmaiden – Amberian Dawn (1,49€)Stick Tight – Terror (1,49€)Surprise Valley (Live) – Widespread Panic (1,49€)The Body – Close Your Eyes (1,49€)The Omen – Heaven Shall Burn (1,49€)The Way You Move – The Audition (1,49€)Til All Are One – Stan Bush (1,49€)Undead Heart – Vampires Everywhere! (1,49€)World On Fire – Firewind (1,49€)Your Petty Pretty Things – The Get Up Kids (1,49€)You’Re A Wolf – Sea Wolf (0,79€)Fractured (Everything I Said Was True) – Taproot (0,79€)Genius – The B.O.L.T. (0,79€)Paper Dolls – Ballyhoo! (0,79€)Ice Cold – Audible Mainframe (0,79€)Rock Band 3From Out Of Nowhere – Faith No More (1,49€)Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel) – Roy Orbison (1,49€)Stash – Phish (1,49€)Strutter – KISS (Live) (1,49€)Tweezer – Phish (1,49€)Working For The Weekend – Loverboy (1,49€)Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison (1,49€)Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) – Roy Orbison (1,49€)Do you really want to hurt me – Culture Club (1,49€)Big Bang Baby – Stone Temple Pilots (1,49€)Super Street Fighter 4 – Ultra Complete Alternate Costume Pack (3,99€)Yoostar 2The Rocket Song (1,75€)You’ve Stolen This House (1,75€)Voight-Kampff Empathy Test (1,75€)More Human Than Human (1,75€)Luca Brasi And Don Corleone (1,75€)Save Metropolis (1,75€)Flying Over La In The Year 2019 (1,75€)I’M Not A Policeman – I’M A Princess! (1,75€)Kong Hails A Cab (1,75€)You’re With Me On This? (1,75€)Practice Proposal (1,75€)A Visit To Miracle Max (1,75€)To The Pain (1,75€)I’M Gonna Kill You (1,75€)I Am A Fighter (1,75€)How Can 5 People Operate 1 (1,75€)I Take It The Odds Are Against Us (1,75€)What a Woman! What a Part! (1,75€)You Know Your Weapons (1,75€)Tommy Is So Tubular And All (1,75€)Xerxes’ great beast advances (1,75€)We got both kinds: country and western (1,75€)Zen Pinball – Sorcerer’s Lair (1,99€)Juegos Add-On (PSP)DISSIDIA 012 [DUODECIM] FINAL FANTASYFinal Fantasy IV Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy VII Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy VIII Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy X Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy XII Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy XIII Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy II Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy III Music Pack (0,99€)Final Fantasy V Music Pack (0,99€)Laguna – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Sephiroth – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Vaan – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Yuna – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Bartz – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Emperor – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Onion Knight – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Terra – Extra Costume Pack (0,75€)Gladiator BeginsAnimal Gladiator (gratis)Animal Print (gratis)Crown (gratis)Cursed Panoply (gratis)Ella (gratis)Galea of Mars (gratis)Icarus’s Wing (gratis)Mysterious Female Gladiator (gratis)Oar (gratis)Robot Gladiator (gratis)Samurai Gladiator (gratis)Stann Galea (gratis)Tuna (gratis)Patapon 3 – Online Unlock (9,99)Avatares (PS3)Funky Lab Rat 0,25€ c/uDiego_01Diego_02Diego_03Diego_04Diego_05Putty Squad 0,25€ c/uPutty GrenadePutty MafiaFerrari Challenge 0,25€ c/uFerrari Logo V1Ferrari Logo V2Ferrari The Race Experience 0,25€ c/uFerrari Logo V1Ferrari Logo V2Epyx’S Impossible Mission 0,25€ c/uAgent Alpha1Agent DeltaAgent GammaJames Pond : Operation Robocod 0,25€ c/uAeroplaneBaby TedBallerinaBusCarDr MaybeJetPencilQueenRobocarRobocodRobothreeSnakeSnowmanSoldierSoldier HutSubmarineSunflowerTeddyTnt ElfTrainPatapon 3 – Avatar Bundle (0,99€) 0,25€ c/uAlossonCyclopsDark HeroGuardiraPiekronPatapon 3 – Avatar Bundle 2 (0,99€) 0,25€ c/uBowmunkCannassaultOohorocManbothGaeen AvatarTemas Dinámicos (PS3)Disruptive ThemesAbstract Color Bars (2,49€)Abstract Dancing Light (2,49€)Amazing Earth: Alpine River (2,49€)Amazing Earth: Field Of Dreams (2,49€)Destination: Long Beach (2,49€)Particle Flow (2,49€)Von Chrono Themes – In Yo Face! (1,49€)Temas (PS3)Eat Them! Online Competition Theme (gratis)Soundtracks (PS3)Sôldner-X 2: Final Prototype Complete Soundtrack (5,99€)Sôldner-X: Himmelsst¸rmer Complete Soundtrack (4,99€)Vídeos (PS3)Might & Magic Clash Of HeroesStrategy 1Strategic 2Mass Effect 2: Arrival – TrailerShift 2: Dangerous CornersAsura’S Wrath – Captivate TrailerAFL LIVE – Game TrailerFinal Fantasy IV Complete Collection – TrailerDead Rising 2: Off The Record – Captivate TrailerResident Evil Operation Raccoon City – TrailerTales From Space: About A Blob – TrailerOutland – Trailer de lanzamientoPrey 2 – Teaser TrailerRenegade Ops – Teaser TrailerVía

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