PS Store: Novedades 13-04-11

A continuación os detallo todos los contenidos nuevos que han aparecido esta última semana en la PS Store.Ofertas Especiales(Oferta de precios disponibles hasta el 27 de abril)PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 4,99€)Worms 2: Armageddon – (antes – 14,99€ ahora – 7,99€)Worms 2: Armageddon Battle Pack – (antes – 3,99€ ahora – 2,49€)Noby Noby Boy – (antes – 3,99€ ahora – 2,49€)Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 4,99€)PowerUp Forever – (antes – 7,99€ ahora – 2,99€)Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer – (antes – 7,99€ ahora- 4,99€)Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype – (antes – 12,99€ ahora – 6,49€)Blade Kitten – (antes – 8,99€ ahora – 4,99€)Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 4,99€)Ferrari: The Race Experience – (antes – 14,99€ ahora – 6,99€)Borderlands – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 19,99€)Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part One – (antes – 16,99€ ahora – 8,99€)Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part Two – (antes – 16,99€ ahora – 8,99€)Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – (antes – 12,99€ ahora – 6,49€)Blue Toad Murder Files Episode One – (gratis)Blue Toad Murder Files: Season Upgrade – (antes – 11,25€ ahora – 8,99€)Premier Manager – (antes – 17,99€ ahora – 8,99€)HamsterBall – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 4,99€)Ricochet HD – (antes – 7,99€ ahora – 3,99€)Assassin’s Creed II – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 21,99€)Voodoo Dice (PS3 version) – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 6,99€)Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars – (antes – 9,99€ ahora – 6,99€)Scott Pilgrim vs.

The World: The Game + Knives Chau Add-on Bundle (9,99€)Las siguientes ofertas estarán disponibles desde el Jueves 14 de abril.God of War HD Collection – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 19,99€)Ofertas de Primavera (PSP)(Oferta de precios disponibles hasta el 27 de abril)Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 19,99€)NBA 2K11 – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 19,99€)Worms: Battle Islands – (antes – 19,99€ ahora – 9,99€)Half Minute Hero – (antes – 14,99€ ahora – 7,99€)Michael Jackson: The Experience – (antes – 29,99€ ahora – 21,99€)Lunar: Silver Star Harmony – (antes – 19,99€ ahora – 12,99€)La siguientes ofertas estarán disponibles desde el Jueves 14 de abrilGod of War: Chains of Olympus – (antes – 19,99€ ahora – 9,99€)God of War Ghost of Sparta – (antes – 24,99€ ahora – 16,99€)ModNation Racers – (antes – 26,99€ ahora – 14,99€)Twisted Metal: Head On – (antes – 19,99€ ahora – 9,99€)LittleBigPlanet PSP – (antes – 19,99€ ahora – 9,99€)Todo los packs de LittleBigPlanet PSP están ahora reducidos permanentemente a 0,99€Fruit Salad – Level KitHeroes In Uniform – Level KitJungle Sackfari – Level KitKing Arthur – Level KitLurve – Level KitMetropolis ThemeMotorStorm Hessian – Level KitRobin Hood Men In Sacks – Level KitSack Circus – Level KitThe Canyons Theme – Level KitThe Easter Theme – Level KitThe Gardens Theme PackThe Island Theme – Level KitThe Sack that Time Forgot Level PackThe Savannah Theme – Level KitThe Temples Theme – Level KitThe Wedding Theme – Level KitThe Wilderness Theme – Level KitTurbo! Premium Level KitUnidentified Sacking Objects – Level KitWild West – Level KitYuletide Sack Level KitOfertas de Primavera (PS3 & PSP)(Oferta de precios disponibles hasta el 27 de abril)Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder (mini) – (antes – 4,99€ ahora – 1,19€)Mad Blocker Alpha: ROTF (mini) – (antes – 4,99€ ahora – 1,19€)Edge (mini) – (antes – 4,99€ ahora – 1,19€)Space Shooter for 2 Bucks (mini) – (antes – 1,99€ ahora – 1,19€)Angry Birds (mini) – (antes – 2,99€ ahora – 1,49€)Rayman (PSone) – (antes – 4,99€ ahora – 3,59€)Prueba & Desbloquea (PS3)Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes (14,99€)Rush ‘n Attack: Ex Patriot (9,99€)Juegos Completos (PS3)Scott Pilgrim vs The World Full + Knives Chau Add-on Bundle (9,99€)Contenido jugable Add-On (PS3)Motorstorm Apocalypse – Super Car Elite (solo 2 semanas) (4,99€)Eyepet – Lucky Dip Food 2 (gratis)Assassin’s Creed 2: Sequence 12 + 13 + Secret Locations Bundle (7,99€)Funky Lab Rat – New Challenges (1,99€)Bulletstorm – Gun Sonata Pack (9,99€)Marvel Vs Capsom 3 – Shadow battle 3 (0,99€)Moon Diver – Silence and Score Attack Mode: Flow! (0,99€)Yakuza 4 Upgrade Pack (gratis)Tales from Space: About a Blob – Premium Costumes (1,99€)Red Dead RedemptionDeadly Assassin Outfit (0,99€)Golden Guns Weapon Pack (0,99€)War Horse (0,99€)Hyperdimension NeptuniaGust Battle Ticket (1,99€)Nisa Battle Ticket (1,99€)Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockEmo Edge Track Pack (5,49€)(contiene las siguientes canciones disponibles por separado)‘Across 5 Oceans’ – Madina Lake (1,99€)‘Hey Superstar’ – Madina Lake (1,99€)‘Ignorance’ – Paramore (1,99€)‘That’s What You Get’ – Paramore (1,99€)Middle Class Rut Track Pack (5,49€)(contiene las siguientes canciones disponibles por separado)‘Lifelong Dayshift’ – Middle Class Rut (1,99€)‘New Low’ – Middle Class Rut (1,99€)‘Sad To Know’ – Middle Class Rut (1,99€)Darkest Hour Track Pack (5,49€)(contiene las siguientes canciones disponibles por separado)‘Beyond The Life You Know’ – Darkest Hour (1,99€)‘Savor The Kill’ – Darkest Hour (1,99€)‘Doomsayer’ – Darkest (1,99€)Yoostar 2Double Secret Probation (1,75€)Anml_06 – Toga! Toga! (1,75€)What’S The Last Thing We Remember? (1,75€)Slimer Attacks! (1,75€)Keep Your Paws Inside The Vehicle (1,75€)My Dad Is… (1,75€)I’M Lookin’ And I’M Likin’ (1,75€)Make It Out Of Here (1,75€)Heroes! (1,75€Q, You Are Not God (1,75€)Fight The Gorn! (1,75€)Splendid Examples Of Homo Sapiens (1,75€)I Am In Command Here! (1,75€)Rock Band 3Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks Pack 01 (7,99€)(contiene las siguientes canciones disponibles por separado)Dreams(1,49€)Edge Of Seventeen Just Like The White Winged Dove – Stevie Nicks (1,49€)Gold Dust Woman (1,49€)Landslide (1,49€)Stand Back (1,49€)Rhiannon (1,49€)Def Jam Rapstar9th Wonder – Iww (Freestyle) (1,49€)Raekwon – Ice Cream (1,49€)Wu Tang Clan – Protect Your Neck (1,49€)Method Man & Redman – How High (1,49€)Ghostface Killah – Chercez Laghost (1,49€)DJ Premier – Dots (Freestyle) (1,49€)Contenidos jugables Add-On (PSP)Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final FantasyZidane – Extra Costume (0,79€)Kuja – Extra Costume Pack (0,79€)Lord Of Arcana – DLC Pack 5 (gratis)Avatares (PS3)Absolute Supercars (0,25€ c/u)1994 Ferari F333 Sp V11994 Ferari F333 Sp V21994 Ferari F355 Berlinetta V11994 Ferari F355 Berlinetta V21994 Ferari F512 M V11994 Ferari F512 M V21994 Mclaren F1 V11994 Mclaren F1 V21995 Ferrari F50 V11995 Ferrari F50 V21995 Ferrari F355 Challenge V11995 Ferrari F355 Challenge V21996 Ferrari 550 Maranello V11996 Ferrari 550 Maranello V21996 Ferrari F50 Gt V11996 Ferrari F50 Gt V21999 Ferrari 360 Modena V11999 Ferrari 360 Modena V22002 Ferrari 360 Gt V12002 Ferrari 360 Gt V22002 Ferrari 575M Maranello V12002 Ferrari 575M Maranello V22002 Enzo Ferrari V12002 Enzo Ferrari V22003 Ferrari 575 Gtc V12003 Ferrari 575 Gtc V22004 Maserati Mc12 V12004 Maserati Mc12 V22004 Mercedes Benz Slr Mclaren V12004 Mercedes Benz Slr Mclaren V22005 Aston Martin Dbr9 V12005 Aston Martin Dbr9 V22005 Ferrari F430 Spider V12005 Ferrari F430 Spider V22005 Ferrari Fxx V12005 Ferrari Fxx V22006 Ferrari 599 Gtb Fiorano V12006 Ferrari 599 Gtb Fiorano V22006 Ferrari F430 Challenge V12006 Ferrari F430 Challenge V22006 Ferrari F430 Gtc V12006 Ferrari F430 Gtc V22006 Koenigsegg Ccx V12006 Koenigsegg Ccx V22006 Pagani Zonda F V12006 Pagani Zonda F V22007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia V12007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia V22007 Ferrari 612 Sessanta V12007 Ferrari 612 Sessanta V22008 Bugatti Eb16-4 Veyron V12008 Bugatti Eb16-4 Veyron V22008 Ferrari California V12008 Ferrari California V22009 Chevrolet Corvette C6-R V12009 Chevrolet Corvette C6-R V22009 Ferrari 458 Italia V12009 Ferrari 458 Italia V22009 Ferrari 599Xx V12009 Ferrari 599Xx V22009 Mercedes Mclaren Slr Stirling Moss V12009 Mercedes Mclaren Slr Stirling Moss V2Motorstorm ApocalypseStormer Avatar Bundle (0,99€) (0,25€ c/u)Big Dog AvatarMash AvatarTyler AvatarDice AvatarMuerte AvatarMSA Crew Avatar Bundle (0,99€) (0,25€ c/u)Yoshimi AvatarCutter AvatarMs.

Austin AvatarDynamo AvatarSite Manager AvatarTemas Premium (PS3)The StudioExplosion Theme – Craig Redmon (Australia) (1,99€)Oppla Static Theme – Happy Lovers Town (Italy) (1,99€)Jagobah Systems Static Theme – Mr Jago (1,99€)Plant-Station Static Theme – Serial Cut™ (Spain) (1,99€)Glitch Static Theme – Studio Output (1,99€)The Studio Static Theme – Studio Output (1,99€)Temas Dinámicos (PS3)The StudioPlay Dynamic Theme – Studio Output (3,99€)Lake Of Sorrows Dynamic Theme – Jasper Goodall (3,99€)Eyelevator Dynamic Theme – Rexbox (3,99€)A World Of Moving Shapes Dynamic Theme – Anthony Burrill (3,99€)Charlie’S Awfully Big Adventure Dynamic Theme – Mr Bingo (3,99€)Disruptive ThemesDestination: Bali (2,49€)Destination: Beverly Hills (2,49€)Destination: Golden Gate Bridge (2,49€)Destination: Japanese Temple (2,49€)Destination: Times Square (2,49€)Lama ThemesDynamic Abstract Sphere Theme (1,99€)Dynamic Ring Of Fire Theme (1,99€)Dynamic Slowmotion Rain Drops Theme (1,99€)Dynamic Space Background Theme (1,99€)Dynamic Starfish Theme (1,99€)Dynamic Wide Seashore Theme (1,99€)Von Chrono ThemesAnatomical (2,49€)Bad Business 2 (2,49€)Bad Business 3 (2,49€)Dynamic Lagoon Theme (2,49€)Fireflies at Night (TBC)Temas Dinámicos (PSP)The Studio ThemesPlay Static Theme – Studio Output (0,99€)Shapes Static Theme – Anthony Burrill (0,99€)Eyelevator Static Theme – Redbox (0,99€)Oppla Static Theme – Happy Lovers Town (0,99€)Unknown Trip Static Theme – Megaspectrum (0,99€)Vídeos (PS3)L.A. NoireL.A. Noire First TrailerL.A. Noire Gameplay Series Video: ‘Orientation’L.A. Noire Official Trailer #2Top Spin 4LegendsWorld Tour ModeCrysis 2 – Exp 2 TrailerSpace Ace – Game VideoThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Trailer OficialVía

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