The Roots feat. Monsters of Folk: Dear God 2.0 videoclip y letra

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Hoy sale a la venta How I Got Over, el nuevo disco de The Roots y como presentación, tenemos el videoclip de su single Dear God 2.
0, una canción que cuanto más la escucho, más buena me parece.
The Roots han demostrado sobradamente esa sensibilidad especial que tienen para interpretar estilos como el hip hop o el soul y con Dear God 2.

0, aunque parezca imposible, se superan.
Para el videoclip, podemos ver un taxi paseando por la ciudad de New York y en él seguiremos a su conductor por las duras noches de la ciudad.
Un buen vídeo para acompañar a esta maravillosa canción.
No veo el momento de que caiga en mis manos su disco, pero habiendo escuchado este tema tanto en directo como en estudio, el disco promete y mucho.

[Intro:]Dear God, I’m trying hard to reach youDear God, I see your face in all I doSometimes, it’s so hard to believe it…But God, I know you have your reasons(Uh huh)[Verse 1:]They said he’s busy hold the line pleaseCall me crazy, I thought maybe he could mind readWho does the blind lead?Show me a sign pleaseIf everything is made in China, are we Chinese?And why do haters separate us like we siamese?Technology turning the planet into zombiesEverybody all in everybody’s dirty laundryAcid rain, earthquakes, hurricane, tsunamisTerrorist, crime sprees, assaults, and robberiesCops yellin’ stop, freezeShoot him before he try to leaveAir quality so foul, I gotta try to breathEndangered speciesAnd we runnin’ out of treesIf I could hold the world in the palm of theseHands, I would probably do away with these anomaliesEverybody checkin’ for the new award nomineeWars and atrocitiesLook at all the povertyIgnoring the propheciesMore beef than broccoliCorporate monopolyWeak world economyStock market topplin’Mad marijuana oxycotton and klonopinEverybody out of it?[Hook:]Well I’ve been thinkin’ aboutAnd I’ve been breakin’ it downWithout an answerI know I’m thinking out loudBut if you’re lost and aroundWhy do we suffer?Why do we suffer?(Uh huh)[Verse 2:]Yeah… It’s still me, one of your biggest fansI get off workRight back to work againI probably need to go ahead and have my head examLook at how they got me on the Def Jam payment planWell, I’m in the world of entertainment andTrying to keep a singing man sane for the paying fansIf I don’t make it through the night, slight change of plansHarp strings, angel wings, and praying handsLord, forgive me for my shortcomingsFor going on tour and ignoring the court summonsAll I’m trying to do is live life to the fullestThey sent my daddy to you in a barrage of bulletsWhy is the world ugly when you made it in your image?And why is livin’ life such a fight to the finish?For this high percentageWhen the sky’s the limitA second is a minute, every hour’s infinite[Outro:]Dear God, I’m trying hard to reach youDear God, I see your face in all I doSometimes, it’s so hard to believe it… Vía

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